A multimedia fashion story featuring Hamburg’s free harbour and Nicola Formichettis #dieseltribute collection

Concept / Realisation / Words Fabian Hart
Photography / Moving Images Roman Rätzke
Art Direction / Post Production Hedi Xandt
Production Management Anna Wegelin
Grooming Helge Henry Branscheidt
Styling Assistance Judith Reimers
Photo Assistance Timo Falke
Der Text und alle Bilder / Bewegtbilder dieses Beitrags sind
in Zusammenarbeit mit DIESEL entstanden und enthalten werbliche Inhalte

I dared to escape Hamburg’s idyllic sceneries and went in search of darker places. I left behind my comfort zones and entered the industrial areas of the city’s free harbour territories. Trans-shipment terminals, heavy metal and container handling facilities, junk yards and badlands. Surrounded by all this engine power and natural force I found new Treibstoff within the hart of the harbour …

The following photographs, gifs and videos feature Nicola Formichetti’s #dieseltribute, a capsule collection he developed as artistic director for Diesel as part of the #dieselreboot. Formichetti’s debut collection for Diesel pays tribute to the Italian brand’s 35 year history and features images and logos of the last three decades in the form of patches and graphics on T’s and denim.